Top SEO benefits of Twitter

Top SEO benefits of Twitter

With the renewed Twitter Google relationship, local businesses that indulge in internet marketing can
get SEO benefit as their tweets could show up in the Google search results.

Just when web marketing was becoming more tedious and when SEO was becoming more difficult
Google renewed its partnership with Twitter pumping in more life to the Google search results. Now
twitter marketing using Tweets will generate traffic to Google search results. This is good news for
business owners who try to push traffic and sales up through local internet marketing.

In addition to traffic is generated by mobile and Desktop Google search results, Google made an
announcement that traffic will also be generated with tweets, although how Google will be doing it is
still a mystery. The Twitter activity of a particular business, retweets, number of blogs, websites, social
networks influences the amount of traffic generated.

SEO Benefits of using Twitter

How Can You Benefit?

Because of their agreement with Google, Twitter has become a viable platform for increasing your
visibility and search indexing opportunities. Early studies show that Google appears to value links
generated by tweets, hashtags, and images provided they are of high quality.

Meeting New People Using Twitter- On Facebook and LinkedIn you have to add people or connect with
them before you can have any serious conversation with them. That is not the case with Twitter, You
can meet like-minded people on Twitter, Follow and tweet them without sending friend request like in
the case of Facebook and connecting with them like in the case of Linkedin.

Besides conversation, another important reason people use Twitter is for content discovery. You
definitely, have a huge potential source of traffic since people from all social media converge on Twitter
to discover new contents, and if your content is posted on Twitter, you will definitely generate huge

Other things:

  • Twitter gives you the opportunity to build your community, your brand, and presence.
  • Get your name in front of people who might not have heard anything about you and your
  • Loyal community will really help you in the bad times. If you’ve successfully built an
    awesome community who’s loyal to your brand, even if the economy is going through a bad
    time, your loyal community members will still buy your product because of the level of trust
    they have in you.
  • Serve as an extension of customer service. Using Twitter as customer service can cut down on
    customer service costs – tweeting is more economically than phone calls because you have the
    opportunity to reach more people at once with tweets.
  • Although many of the benefits of Twitter doesn’t exactly relate to SEO, there is evidence
    that Google definitely indexes Twitter links even though they are no-follow.We just don’t know
    how much / how long they affect the traffic Algorithm since we don’t know the Algorithm’s
    exact formula.

Tips to Improve Your SEO Using Twitter

  • Invest more time and effort on the platform. By continuing to build your Twitter presence by
    adding followers and linking to relevant tweets from third party sites, you can increase the
    chances that your tweets will be indexed and contribute to your SEO rankings.
  • Make your tweets engaging for your followers. Use attention-grabbing images to get more
    interactions. It’s also valuable to leverage hashtags. Appropriate use of hashtags can increase
    visibility, engagement and indexing opportunities.
  • Include links and mentions when appropriate. In addition to increasing engagement, they can
    also boost SEO.
  • Consider jump-starting your Twitter engagement using Twitter Ads.The good news is that
    Google appears to value traffic and engagements on Twitter. Maximizing and optimizing your
    Twitter account could very well increase your odds of being indexed and provide increased SEO

Conclusion: Focus on driving higher engagement on Twitter, and Google will take notice and
likely reward you with higher indexations rates for your tweets.


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